Running With Pencils

Posted: October 9, 2005 in writing

It must have started with crayons. Crayola, usually the small box, but sometimes the large economy box. The crayons smelled good, but not as good as PlayDoh. Melting crayons smelled good too.

Pencils were okay, kind of boring, and when sharpened, allegedly dangerous. Be careful with that, you could put your eye out! The pencils danced between blue lines on faded gray speckled notebook paper, letters into words into sentences into paragraphs, the user marveling that letters formed words which formed language, and that the human brain could process such things.

Pens were ballpoint or felt-tip or fountain type, multi-coloured inks flowing and exploding between journal covers in stream-of-consciousness rant. The pens illustrated the rant with peace symbols and palm trees.

Typewriters were heavy and metal and evil, causing young brains and fingers to produce clatter and noise and mind-deadening language – I knew this. I had friends who typed.

Word processors were somehow not as bad as typewriters, though either could take away the magic and rhythm of the organic flowing pen – typing somehow being out of tune with channeling.

Years ago in ink I used to write “A. F. Waddell” and draw peace symbols on my denim-covered cardboard school binder . . . Dear History Instructor Becker, if you are not dead and are reading this, please return my confiscated journal. I need the notes.

  1. uptonatom says:

    I was linking your site in one of my stories and had to read some and read some new ones of yours. I love the concept of stories for basically AADD…I had thought of similar idea but lost my attention before doing it – so perfect that you have no done so.
    Thanks for the Spalding plug in another story. I love the orginal art work – alas lost if you had not preserved it. My first design, not sure if you ever saw it but probably did – well it was horrible. Now I spend hours on the site – however with css and dwt, life is way gooder…
    jb , webmanager for the Estate of Spalding Gray (still basically your orginal design still without css…)

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