Self Help Seminars: The McDonalds of Psychiatry?

Posted: September 15, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Paranoia and pronoia: paranoia has its place, can be self-protective – and can be the basis of interesting fictional characters. The concept of paranoia seems more well-known than its polar opposite: the perk and pep of pronoia. Pronoia is the belief that “the universe conspires to shower one with riches and all things wonderful”. I’ve however noticed the universal effluvia coming my way isn’t all roses and greenbacks.

Self help gurus and mass psychological training embody the pronoic mindset: that universal secrets magically transform one’s life; that belief systems help you get “it” – until you get that there is no “it” to get. Me thinks the universe is showering seminar creators and motivational speakers with green.

Read a humorous account of my self-help seminar experience here.

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